Rameur Bluefin Fitness Blade Air

  • Découvrez le rameur Bluefin Fitness Blade Air, la solution parfaite pour un entraînement de fitness à domicile. Offrant une résistance à air et magnétique avec 32 niveaux, ce rameur est idéal pour améliorer votre condition physique grâce à sa technologie interactive et son design pliable. Compatible avec l'application Kinomap, il apporte une expérience d'entraînement immersive.
Rameur Bluefin Fitness Blade Air

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  • Caractéristiques du Rameur Bluefin Fitness Blade Air
  • Notre avis sur le Rameur Bluefin Fitness Blade Air
  • Avantages d'un Rameur à la maison
  • Guide de sélection d'un rameur
  • Assurance qualité et service client Bluefin Fitness
Rameur Bluefin Fitness Blade Air

Rameur Bluefin Fitness Blade Air

Note du produit: 4/5 (5 avis)

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Présentation du Rameur Bluefin Fitness Blade Air

Caractéristiques du Rameur Bluefin Fitness Blade Air

  • Résistance à Air et Magnétique: 32 niveaux pour un entraînement personnalisé.
  • Console Intelligente LED: Mesurez durée, distance, vitesse et calories brûlées.
  • Design Pliable: Facilité de rangement grâce à son rail de siège relevable.
  • Confort Ergonomique: Siège rembourré et poignées avec 5mm de mousse.
  • Compatibilité avec Kinomap: Séances d'aviron virtuelles et coaching live.
  • Feedback instantané: Retour visuel et sonore de la résistance des pales.
  • Caractéristiques Principales: Léger, pieds de nivellement, roues de transport, support téléphone/tablette.
  • Garantie d'Un An: Soutien client et qualité assurée par Bluefin Fitness.

Notre avis sur le Rameur Bluefin Fitness Blade Air

Basé sur la description fournie, le rameur Bluefin Fitness Blade Air présente de nombreux avantages. Offrant une combinaison de résistance à air et magnétique, il permet un entraînement extrêmement modulable qui peut s'adapter aux débutants comme aux athlètes confirmés. La console intelligente et la compatibilité avec Kinomap sont des atouts majeurs pour les utilisateurs à la recherche d'une expérience d'entraînement complète et engageante. Le design pliable et léger facilite le rangement et le transport de l'appareil, rendant le rameur idéal pour les espaces restreints. Nous recommandons ce produit aux personnes souhaitant améliorer leur condition physique à domicile, tout en bénéficiant d'une expérience d'aviron réaliste et variée.

Avantages d'un Rameur à la maison

Posséder un rameur à domicile comme le Bluefin Fitness Blade Air présente de nombreux avantages en termes d'accessibilité et de confort. Un rameur à domicile permet une grande flexibilité dans votre routine d'exercice, rendant l'entraînement possible à toute heure, indépendamment des conditions météorologiques ou des horaires d'une salle de sport. De plus, il offre une activité d'exercice complète qui renforce le cœur, tonifie les muscles et améliore l'endurance tout en mettant moins de pression sur les articulations par rapport à d'autres formes de cardio comme la course à pied.

Guide de sélection d'un rameur

Lorsque vous choisissez un rameur tel que le Bluefin Fitness Blade Air, différents facteurs doivent être pris en compte. Les caractéristiques clés incluent le type de résistance, la qualité de construction, la facilité de rangement et la compatibilité avec les applications de fitness. Ce modèle, en particulier, répond à un large éventail de besoins grâce à sa résistance à air et magnétique ajustable et son intégration avec Kinomap, offrant une expérience plus interactive et motivante. La durabilité, la garantie et l'assistance à la clientèle sont également des considérations importantes, et Bluefin Fitness s'engage à offrir un niveau de soutien élevé.

Assurance qualité et service client Bluefin Fitness

En achetant des produits tels que le Bluefin Fitness Blade Air, il est essentiel de considérer la réputation de la marque et l'assistance qu'elle offre. Bluefin Fitness est une entreprise primée et établie, offrant une garantie d'un an sur ses produits, ce qui reflète leur confiance en la qualité de leur équipement. Un bon service client est crucial pour toute question ou problème qui pourrait survenir, et s'assurer que la marque a une approche orientée client peut grandement améliorer l'expérience d'achat et d'utilisation à long terme de l'équipement.

Note du produit: 4/5 (5 avis)


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Avis de nos clients

Commenté en Espagne le 20 août 2023

Muito fácil de montar e usar.O painel de comando não é muito prático, mostra apenas a informação de 1 item de cada vez, mas usado em conjunto com o Kinomap torna-a uma ferramenta poderosa de exercicio.

Commenté au Royaume-Uni le 2 mars 2023

Buying a rowing machine is a very hit or miss affair.Get one that is too cheap or basic and you can find it's a waste of money as some entry level ones are very shoddy.Buy a top of the range one and you can easily be spending double this price.The Bluefin, in my opinion, is a great mid range rower at a very good price.It is very well made and robust with no obviously cheap components.It is comfortable and gives you most of what you want in a rower.Assembly took about 20-30 minutes with all the tools provided and once built it felt very secure and stable.The tablet holder is a bit of a pain as you need the two hex keys each time you want to adjust it but once you have it done you shouldn't be adjusting it too often.Total length is 1.8 meters but the main slider bar can be flipped to an upright position for storage and takes less than 30 seconds to do so.Once done the entire unit is about 80cm wide, 60cm long and 125cm high.That said, it's very heavy at about 25kg so not one you want to put away and get out regularlyThe Kinomap app is OK but has a subscription price so not something I'll use beyond the 14 day trial and that is one of the main drawbacks.If you want an actual "program" while training so it adjusts resistance automatically then it seems the subscription is required(I'll update my review after the 14 day trial to confirm).The feet 'buckets' are very large and with size 8 feet I've found i have to wear trainers otherwise the straps aren't tight enough.Also, even on it's toughest resistance, you may find that after a few months of regular use it may become too easy.In summary, great value and will suit all but the most hardcore rowers and compared to the Concept 2 rower, which is king of the market, it holds up very well at less than half the price of a Concept

Commenté au Royaume-Uni le 5 mars 2023

For the money there's a lot on offer from this rowing machine, once unpacked and built it's really nice to use. There are a couple of drawbacks but overall it's good.The rower comes in quite a compact box, with all the parts taped into the polystyrene, just make sure you get it all. It's easy to build, It took me around half an hour on my own. I didn't find anything particularly tricky and the instructions seems clear enough.In use it's easy to use, very smooth motion, the seat rolls well and the handle pulls well. The display and controls are also simple, twist and press. There's not many metrics to go through.It folds away easily, it does take up a bit of space but the footprint is nowhere near as when it's in folded.Now the drawbacks. As mentioned there's not many metrics and only one can be displayed at any one time.It says there's 32 resistance levels but the one that offers the most resistance sits at probably about 4-6 on a concept, I got a good workout from it but I wished I could crank it up a bit more.It has to be plugged it, you can use it unplugged but that means you can't change resistance or anything like that.Overall I think this is a great rower, the quality of it is brilliant, it's easy to build and it folds away nicely. As mentioned there are a few drawbacks but if this is your first rower it'll be more than enough.

Commenté au Royaume-Uni le 4 mars 2023

I got this rowing machine after reading some positive reviews of the other products online and I’m glad I did. It’s easy to set up and use, and it has a lot of features that make it fun and challenging. The Kinomap app is great for following different workouts and scenery, and it syncs with the rower seamlessly. The LCD console is clear and shows all the important data like time, distance, calories, strokes per minute, etc.The best part is that I’ve noticed some improvements in my health since using this rower regularly. I’ve lost some weight and feel more fit and energetic. I also have gout, which causes inflammation and pain in my joints, especially my feet. Rowing helps me exercise without putting too much pressure on my feet, and it also helps reduce the uric acid levels in my blood that cause gout attacks.One of the most unique features of Kinomap is that it offers scenic videos from around the world that you can follow along as you row. You can choose from different categories like nature, city, waterways, etc., and enjoy the views while you work out. You can also adjust the speed of the video to match your pace.Another useful feature of Kinomap is coaching. You can access various coaching videos that guide you through different types of workouts like interval training, endurance training, strength training, etc. The coaches are professional athletes who motivate you and give you tips on how to improve your technique.Kinomap also has a multiplayer sessions feature that lets you join other users online for a group workout. You can see their avatars on the screen and compete with them or cooperate with them depending on the mode. This adds a social element to your training and makes it more fun.If you prefer a more flexible workout, you can use the free ride feature of Kinomap. This allows you to row at your own pace without following any video or coach. You can still see your data on the screen and track your progress over time.Finally, if you want a more personalized workout, you can use the structured workout feature of Kinomap. This lets you create your own workout plan based on your goals and preferences. You can set up different intervals with different durations, intensities, rest periods, etc., or choose from some predefined workouts.I would recommend this rower to anyone who wants a low-impact but high-intensity workout that can improve their overall health and well-being. It’s worth every penny!

Commenté au Royaume-Uni le 9 mars 2023

Although this is an easy to assemble product it does take around one hour. It does need a lot of space to work in as when complete this beast is nearly two metres long. Assembling it is simple enough for one person to do the job.Everything about this product is positive, from the strong, well made, good quality parts to the final result.Personally, I start at a mid rande level and after a while I increase the level, then increase again until I am at the highest level but this machine and it's use is really down to one's own fitness and one's own comfort zone.Once assembled this is easy to use. The tension is controlled on the LED dial and goes up to level 32. Some may find that the lower levels aren't challenging enough but it is best to start on a low level first then increase as one gets used to the machine.The lowest levels are easy, so much that even the three year old has been using it. She currently thinks it's a fun toy as she slides back and forth on the seat whilst pulling on the handle.As I stated earlier, this does finish off at nearly two metres in length so one must make sure that one has the room to site this in.As soon as I get the opportunity I will be downloading the App for this machine so I can watch my progress on my tablet. The toddler's mother will also be making much use of this as she wants to get a bit fitter whilst losing a bit of weight, of which this machine will help in both areas.Overall, this is an excellent product that is strong, is of very good quality, will last many a year and it is good value for what it can deliver so I am certainly recommending this nice bit of excercise equipment.